Croeso i #SgwadNi

Mae Sgwad Ni yn fenter gan Chwaraeon Cymru sydd eisiau ysbrydoli, grymuso ac annog mwy o ferched a genethod yng Nghymru i fod yn egnïol a rhoi cynnig ar chwaraeon.
Er bod llawer o ferched a genethod ifanc yng Nghymru’n mwynhau chwaraeon yn fawr, mae ymchwil yn dangos bod merched dal yn llai tebygol o gymryd rhan mewn chwaraeon a gweithgarwch corfforol o gymharu â dynion.

Rydyn ni eisiau cae chwarae teg.

Does dim ots am lefel eich ffitrwydd, eich gallu mewn chwaraeon na’r gamp rydych chi’n ei dewis, dim ond cymryd rhan a chael hwyl yn gwneud hynny sy’n bwysig.

Rydyn ni Gymry’n enwog am fod yn griw cyfeillgar ac rydyn ni’n gwybod bod rhwydwaith o ferched cyfeillgar allan yna sydd eisiau annog ei gilydd i fod ar eu gorau – beth bynnag yw hynny. Mae rhwydwaith o ddynion cefnogol hefyd, yn barod am her i ysbrydoli a grymuso eu hanner arall; mamau, merched, nithod a ffrindiau benywaidd. Rydyn ni eisiau datblygu cymuned a byddin o gefnogaeth i ferched a genethod sydd eisiau bod yn fwy egnïol, rhoi cynnig ar rywbeth newydd neu fentro i fyd chwaraeon am y tro cyntaf.

Felly ymunwch â ni. Byddwch yn rhan o #SgwadNi. Rhannwch eich straeon a dathlwch gyflawniadau merched a genethod ledled y wlad sy’n rhoi cynnig arni.
Ar hyd y daith rydyn ni’n eithaf siŵr y byddwch chi’n gwneud ffrindiau newydd, yn magu hyder, yn dod o hyd i gamp addas i chi a, gobeithio, yn dod ychydig bach yn fwy heini ac iach ar yr un pryd.

Gyda’n gilydd, fe allwn ni rymuso cenedl gyfan.

Ffion’s trailblazing across Wales

Ffion James, younger sibling of world champions Becky and Rachel, recently represented Great Britain at the World Cyclo-Cross championships. As a child, Ffion was desperate to get involved with the sport, seeing the early enthusiasm of her older siblings: “I got involved with mountain biking because my brothers and sisters were into it when they were really young” she said. “They were doing it and I really wanted to give it a go. I gave it a go, and I’ve loved it ever since”. Ffion recalled: “I remember crying before the start of my first race because I was so...



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When you're the shortest member of the squad and need a little assistance... 😂 Welsh athletes @bethdyke and Kyra Jones have kicked off the week right with an early morning gym sesh thanks to USW S&C team ✊️🏋️‍♀️ . . #mondaymotivation #monday #gym #workout #GC2018 #roadtogoldcoast #wales #squad #cymru #oursquad #cymru #growthegame #netballontherise #netball #pelrwyd #inspiresuccess #cardiff

Jin’s fitness saved her life

A fitness instructor whose fitness levels helped her overcame the odds and survive a rare auto-immune disease is hoping to inspire more women and girls throughout Wales to give a more active lifestyle a go. Jin Osborne, 34, from Penarth suffers from granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) disease, which affects just eight in a million people, and attributes her success fighting the disorder to her involvement in sport. The mother of one, who runs her own fitness class JinFit, is committed to helping women of all shapes and sizes to get active for the right reasons in a welcoming and friendly...



Rubbish weather in Swansea, but that won't stop these girls having fun tonight! #sailing #swanseabay #OurSquad #AllAfloat

Angeline likes to cool off in the pool

An award-winning Welsh community coach is hoping to inspire women and girls from across the country to take up sport, whatever their background, to improve their health, boost their confidence and form life-long friendships. Angeline Tshiyane, 53, from Bettws in Newport, has set up multiple sporting groups to help encourage an active lifestyle among the region’s black, minority and ethnic (BME) communities, who are traditionally less likely to participate in sport. The mother of one, who also works as a carer, has launched her own weekly swimming sessions for children and adults from BME backgrounds, as well as the country’s...



Think everyone is having a good day! #girlsclinic #golf #development #wales #oursquad



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Steph’s into brawling on skates

An international roller derby champion is hoping to inspire women and girls throughout Wales to take up sport, regardless of their shape, size and ability. Stephanie Howarth, 35, from Cardiff, has represented her local team, the Tiger Bay Brawlers, at UK, European and American roller derby tournaments. As a child, Stephanie grew up playing numerous sports in school but like many young girls lost interest during her teenage years. At 30, her interest was reignited when friends invited her to watch a game of roller derby, inspiring her to later try out for the squad. “Take that initial step and...

Ruby loves to ride and inspire

Ruby Woods who is a British Cycling Breeze Champion first took up the sport three years ago when her boyfriend gave her a bike for her twenty-third birthday so that she could join him on rides. Soon after, Ruby decided to join her local club, Milford Tritons CC, but admits that nerves about what to expect almost held her back. “Despite the fact that my boyfriend is on the committee and his dad is the Chairman of the club, I still felt intimidated about joining Milford Tritons. “I was worried that I wouldn’t be good enough and unable to keep up...

Caroline’s at the top of her game

Caroline Matthews, 43, who lives in Sully, has represented Team GB at both the 2004 and 2008 Paralympics. Since a very young age, Caroline played as many sports as possible. Despite having trouble with her knees about the age of 12, she went on to represent Welsh Universities in rowing, basketball, and volleyball. At 16 she had her first knee operations and, despite years of treatment and surgery, she was 26 when doctors told her she would never run or jump again. Caroline had been suffering from an aggressive form of osteoarthritis in both knees. “Playing sport with people you...



Repost: @oursquadcymru ・・・ “Knowing how nervous I was going out on my first club ride, I wanted to help and encourage other women who also felt that way." #OurSquad 🚴‍♀️ - - #queenofthemtns #KeepClimbing #WomensCycling #OutsideIsFree #SheRidesRoad #Cycling #LoveCycling #Fitness #CyclingLife #CyclingLifestyle #HowWeLiv #LivBeyond #TWCWeRide #FromWhereIRide #BeautyOfCycling #CycleLikeAGirl #Pembrokeshire #LivCyclingUK #StravaCycling #Active #Healthy #LikeAGirl #SgwadNi #Wales #Cymru #Sport #Women #HealthyLifestyle #Motivation @milfordtritons @sport_wales @shecycleswales @welshcycling



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Emily is kicking with confidence

Emily Roberts, now 16, from Llandudno, suffered from low self-esteem as a result of years of bullying at school, before taking up karate to build her confidence. “Sport has helped to improve my confidence and transform me as a person. I wouldn’t be who I am today without it” As a ten-year-old girl she beat the bullies and overcame issues of extreme shyness thanks to her love of martial arts. The former timid teen has seen her confidence soar and friendships flourish since her involvement in the sport. She has even gone on to teach a karate squad of her...



C’mon we all have *that* mate who cheers the team on the loudest – Tag them below! #OurSquad - - C’mon mae gan bawb Y ffrind hwnnw sy'n gweiddi mwy na neb ar y tîm - tagiwch e isod! #SgwadNi - - #OurSquad #Wales #Cymru #SquadGoals #sport #chwaraeon #women #selflove #healthylifestyle #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #strongnotskinny #lifequotes #motivation #myjourney #health #gymspiration #fitness #fit #Fitfam #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #softball



Attacking 💪🏼🏐 @welshnetball #oursquad #womenandgirls

Angharad’s batty about softball

A softball player who set-up Wales’ first Welsh language team is hoping to inspire more women and girls to take up sport regardless of their shape, size or ability. Angharad Sian Roche, 34, was originally attracted to the sport seven years ago when she unintentionally came across a game while walking through Pontcanna Fields in Cardiff. Despite having never played softball before, Angharad was instantly drawn to the ‘relaxed but fun vibe’ and it wasn’t long before she joined a team. “It’s hitting a ball and running in short spurts so you don’t have to be Kelly Homes to do...

Beccy’s bouncing about netball

Beccy Roberts, 26 is Head Coach of a large netball club in North Wales whilst playing competitively herself and teaching Physical Education at Castell Alun High School in Hope. Beccy’s love for sport stems from her school days, which she says was fostered by her PE teacher – a legacy she strives to continue with her own students. Rebecca said: “Being a full-time PE teacher can sometimes be challenging, and like everyone, I have been known to struggle to get my work-life balance right.” “I find that netball is a huge stress reliever for me.” “A lot of people feel...

Danni’s getting salty in the surf

Danielle Robertson, 27, from Rhosneigr, Anglesey but now living in Neath, founded her own surfing club to help make the sport more accessible to women by providing them with the chance to try it, grow their confidence and connect with like-minded individuals. After meeting up with two like-minded female surfers she met online at Rest Bay, over a post-surf hot chocolate Dani and the others decided to create an online community to help women with a passion for surfing to connect, share advice, train together and form friendships. Surf Senioritas has since grown into a thriving community and source of...